John P. Pratt

Wife: Ruth M. Pratt
John C. Pratt
Julie K. Pratt
Mary K. Pratt
Jared M. Pratt
Joseph B. Pratt
Father: LeGrand B. Pratt
Mother: Kathryn W. Pratt
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John P. Pratt was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has always loved science and math. As a youth, he discovered prime numbers when he was four, studied dinosaurs like a maniac in fourth grade, and raised several pet reptiles and amphibian, and even ant lions. He placed second in the Salt Lake City science fair in junior high, and graduated first in his class from high school. He was chosen the outstanding student of physics at the University of Utah, spent two years in Southern Brazil as an L.D.S. missionary, and received his Ph.D. in astronomy from the U. of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona.

Brazilian Missionary
John married Ruth McOmber of Pocatello, Idaho, and they have five children. Their first married years were in Tucson, after which they lived in Kaysville, Utah, where John did computer programming at Hill Air Force Base for the Minuteman Missile program (yes, I suppose that would make him a "rocket scientist"). He has written over seventy articles on science and religion for the Meridian Magazine, which are all found on this website. His real specialty is doing research in ancient calendars and chronology, and has had some papers published in those fields. He has many side interests, including outdoor survival, hapkido, table tennis, playing guitar, gardening and tennis.