Astronomy Course

The following are the syllabus and notes from the Introductory Astronomy class which I teach. The text is Astronomy (Third Edition) by John Fix. These notes contain most of the answers to the test questions.



Observing Exercises

Knowing the Heavens, Constellations & Ancient Astronomy
Chapters 1-3.

Solar System Layout and Laws
Chapters 4-5.

Light & Telescopes
Chapter 6.

Earth and Moon
Chapters 8-9.

The Terrestrial Planets
Chapters 10-11: Mercury, Venus and Mars.

Jupiter and Saturn
Chapter 12: The two giant planets and their weird moons.

The Outermost Planets
Chapter 13: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Other Solar Sytem
Chapters 15: Comets, Meteors, Asteroids, and the Origin of the Solar System.

Measuring Properties of Stars
Chapter 16: Brightness, Distances, Colors, Temperatures, and Composition of Stars

The Sun
Chapter 17: The Sun's Motion, and the Sun's Physical Characteristics

Birth of Stars
Chapter 18: Interstellar Atoms, Dust and Nebulae

Life and Death of Stars
Chapters 19-20: The H-R Diagram and the Birth, Life, and Death of Stars

Star Groups
Chapters 21: Binaries, Multiples, and Star Clusters

Chapters 22-23: Milky Way, Local Group, and Expanding Universe