The Sacred Round

(see also same table using written names)

1234 5678 9101112 13

This perpetual calendar numbers days in sequence across rows of trecenas of 13 days each. Each day is named first for the day number at the column head followed by the day name in the row. For example, the first day is 1 Light (sunrise icon), followed by 2 Wind, then 3 Temple, etc. The day after 13 Reed (arrow icon) (the last day on the first row) is 1 Jaguar (the first day of the second trecena). There are 20 day-names (or pictures) which repeat continuously. Find the last day-name (Flower) on the second row, and notice that it is followed by the first one again (Light). It takes 20 trecenas for the entire sequence to begin again on 1 Light, for a total of 20 x 13 = 260 days in the Sacred Round. Note also that each trecena of 13 days is named for its first day, which names are in bold face. For example, the first trecena is named 1 Light, and the second trecena is 1 Jaguar (the first day on the second row). There are 20 trecenas in the Sacred Round.