2005 Sacred Calendar

by John P. Pratt
with artwork by Mary Pratt Parker

Click here to see a sample month (pdf format).

New Jubliee Calendar included.
Many of you have asked if I could produce an annual wall calendar which would indicate the principal holy days on the sacred calendars for the upcoming year, so I've done it. It is a standard sized wall calendar, suitable to use as the "kitchen planning calendar." It has the principal holy days indicated, the birthdays of several of the prophets and general authorities, other key religous events from history (including when revelations were given), and has at least one suggested home evening topic per month. For example, in April, 2005, there is a rare repetition of the date of the Parting of the Red Sea by Moses. Such a realignment only occurs once in over three hundred years. It also includes some pages of explanation and several illustrations of the calendars, so it can be given to those who have never read any of my articles. And as a bonus, it includes dates on the Jubilee calendar, which has not yet been published. And an added bonus it has several new sacred dates.

It has a different line-drawing picture for each month, some of which are of the various sacred calendars and some of which are specially drawn illustrations by my daughter Mary Pratt Parker.

The calendar is now out of print, but I left this page up anyway.

Artwork by Mary Pratt Parker: Uriel Revealing the Constellations to Enoch.

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