Divine Calendars:

Astronomical Witnesses of Sacred Events

by Dr. John P. Pratt

No longer available as of 10 Sep 2014

Divine Calendars
Divine Calendars

Divine Calendars is no longer available, but here is the description in case you want to know whether to buy an existing copy.

Dr. John P. Pratt has discovered and built a convincing case that God actually uses sacred calendars for scheduling key religious events such as the birth, baptism and resurrection of Jesus Christ. These discoveries have been published in separate articles over the last twenty years. The first twenty-five of those landmark articles about calendars and especially religious chronology are now available reprinted as a soft bound volume entitled Divine Calendars: Astronomical Witnesses of Sacred Events.

Some of those calendars discussed are straight day counts, such as the 7-day week and the 260-day Sacred Round of Native Americans. Some are based on the celestial motions of the sun and moon, such as the Hebrew calendar and the Enoch calendar. Other new calendars discovered include the Venus calendar and the Mercury calendar. Ample background is provided to understand the essential workings of these calendars in order to appreciate the incredibly precise clockwork involved in timing sacred events.

There is a wide range of articles included. Some articles are concerned with Biblical chronology, and hence could be of interest to any Judeo-Christian researcher. Many are addressed especially to L.D.S. Christians, but should still be of interest to others. Click here for a complete list of the contents, which indicates who the intended audience is for each article.

Also available is a CD-ROM of all of his articles published up to the release date, including all Meridian articles on other science and religion topics. It can be obtained separately. It now has a search engine on it. It is identical to his website and even includes his Calendar Spreadsheet program for listing dates simultaneously on all sacred calendars.