Millennial Feast of Trumpets Program

Fri 20 Sep 2002, 0 Autumn 1 AUTUMN (Enoch Calendar)

On Friday, 20 Sep 2002 from 7:00-9:00 p.m., a Millennial Feast of Trumpets was held at the Orem Senior Center, Orem, Utah. The occasion was that the following day would be the day 1 Autumn in the year 1 AUTUMN on the Enoch Calendar. On that calendar, 1 Autumn, the first day of Autumn, is the day of the Feast of Trumpets. That corresponds to Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Trumpets) on the Hebrew Calendar, which is the first day of Autumn on that calendar. In the ancient Hebrew tradition, each of seven priests, representing the seven chief angels, took turns sounding the trumpet (shofar horn) as they ascended the stairs of the temple. The date of the feast is the first day of the seventh month, which really sounds symbolic of the beginning of the Millennium, the seventh thousand years.

What made this Feast of Trumpets special was the year it occurred in. Each year is named exactly as are the days. So there is a year called 1 AUTUMN (capitalized to indicate a year rather than a day), followed by the year 2 AUTUMN, etc. The year 1 AUTUMN only occurs once every 364 years (the number of days in an Enoch year). This feast begins the year 1 AUTUMN which just might be the official beginning of the Millenium on the Enoch Calendar. We are arriving at the time which the Feast of Trumpets represents!

The last time that the year 1 SPRING (NEW YEAR's DAY) occurred was in 1820 and it had been proposed in my work just two months before this feast that the date of the First Vision was on Sun 26 Mar 1820, being 1 Spring in the year 1 SPRING on the Enoch Calendar. The day 1 Autumn occurs 182 days after 1 Spring, so the year 1 AUTUMN occurs 182 years after 1820. Hence 1820 + 182 = 2002 is the year 1 AUTUMN. As part of my presentation at this feast, I previewed John Lefgren's evidence which would be published the next month confirming my date for the First Vision by considering weather records and maple sugar production on the Smith farm.

Each person attending received a printed program complete with guest list (reproduced below) along with a little conical horn with the name of one of the seven angels on it. After a wonderful roast beef feast (the bull was a sacrificial animal for this feast), and John Pratt's research update, the program was presented. The sounding of the shofar trumpet announced the beginning. The finale was the seven angels all bound Satan after which we heard the Hallelujah Chorus. The text of the skit can be found at the heading "New Celebration"

On both the Enoch and Hebrew calendars, the Feast of Trumpets begins a ten-day period of reconciliation with God. The Feast of Trumpets is a Judgment Day where usually man is found wanting. So he is granted a ten-day period to repent. If that process is successful, then on 10 Autumn, the Day of Atonement, man is reconciled to God. Thus, the feast is at the beginning of a ten-year period for the world to repent and turn to God.

At this Feast all of that was announced, with the intention that if after nine years it appeared that at least the United States had repented of its many evils, then there would be a follow-up feast in Sep 2011. You can judge for yourself whether you think we as a nation drew closer to God during that interval, but from my perspective it was decided not to celebrate the Enoch Day of Atonement.

Raguel, (Angel #2 Moses), sounds the shofar horn (trumpet) announcing the Feast of Trumpets.

The seven Chief Angels of God were invited to the feast and all actually showed up! Satan was not invited but he too came and even grabbed the center spot.

Raphael (Enoch), having the key to the bottomless pit, binds Satan before the Millennium, after which all rejoiced with the Hallelujah Chorus.