A Beacon of Hope

"Kaleidoscopic personality
Aglow with life," that's you, our Kathryn Kay.
The noblest character you do portray:
Huge faith with strength and pure integrity.
Resplendently, just like a beacon's light,
Your poetry shines forth for all to find
New hope where only darkness used to dwell.

When some are lost, the torch you hold so well
Of poetry brings light. It gives the mind
Renewed, fresh hope for all in darkest night.
Strong qualities like faith and purity
Link you to God's true light so that you may
Embellish all who see, as you display
Your iridescent personality.

by John P. Pratt
21 October 1996
Her Ninetieth Birthday

This is a Chiastic Acrostic Sonnet

The above sonnet has an acrostic in it and is also a chiasm. For an explanation of both types of poem, see my main Poetry page. Hint: Her maiden name was Worsley.