Tribute to My Sweetheart

Just words can't say how beautiful you are,
Or how inspired your voice when raised in song,
How faithful while enduring trials long,
Nor how relentless, spreading joy afar.

As well as teacher, you are mother and
Devoted wife, with kind and thoughtful heart.
Oh, Sweetheart dear, your best trait is your love,
Resplendent charity from God above,
Enabling you with kindness to impart
Sure teachings that our children understand.

Relentlessly you spread joy near and far,
Unyielding faith you show through trials long,
Then brighten and inspire with lovely song:
How truly beautiful you really are!

by John P. Pratt
14 February 1995

This is a Chiastic Acrostic Sonnet

The above sonnet has an acrostic in it and is also a chiasm. For an explanation of both types of poem, see my main Poetry page.