The Proverbs of Kathryn

Written by the hand of

Kathryn Kay

(Mrs. LeGrand B. Pratt)

Updated Sun 13 May 2012


The following are excerpts from inspirations received by Kathryn Worsley Pratt, also known by the pen name Kathryn Kay, who was the wife of LeGrand Billeter Pratt. She was a gifted poet who was President of the Utah State Poetry Society for many years. She was a poet not unlike some of the Greek poets who were in tune with deep truths.

These words were usually received in answer to fervent prayer or as comfort in times of discouragement. She heard a voice in her mind, speaking slowly enough that she could transcribe the words onto whatever scrap of paper she could find.


"Strength is the fruit of humility, bowing in obedience to wisdom and judgment." (Sun 10 Aug 1969)

"The highest mountain is climbed one step at a time." (Tue 11 Jan 1972)

"All of the sea is contained in a spoon." (Tue 11 Jan 1972)

"Haste and impatience bear failure but prudence and patience justify faith's vigil and bless with bounteous harvest." (Sun 27 Nov 1983)

"One small sure step on firm ground serves better than a large stride into quicksand." (Sun 27 Nov 1983)

"The fruit of knowledge is wisdom." (Fri 4 Jan 1985)

"Good husbandry requires constant pruning." (Tue 7 May 1985)

"Do not break more ground than can be cultivated." (Tue 7 May 1985)

"Overextension is the mother of frustration." (Tue 7 May 1985)

"Without balance in all things, all is lost." (Mon 14 Oct 1985)

"Let not thine heart be hasty to utter words with conviction, but let thy words be few that none might assail them." (Mon 14 Oct 1985)

"The false step is made in haste." (Sun 27 Oct 1985)

"The flower is buried deep in the seed." (Tue 17 Dec 1985)

"Listen to naught but thine own heart and the urgings therein." (Wed 29 Jan 1986)

"A firm step is more to be desired that a fleet foot." (Mon 24 Feb 1986)

"In darkness the docile heart learns faith." (Mon 31 Mar 1986)

"Avoid the quick answer, and the seemingly obvious, but ponder the long term solution." (Mon 31 Mar 1986)

"It is man's mistake to be trapped under the tyranny of trivia." (Mon 25 Aug 1986)

"Self esteem, self respect and self confidence are of the Lord and self doubt, self hatred and self contempt are of Satan." (Mon 25 Aug 1986)

"Be not sparing in thy praise of work well done." (Mon 25 Aug 1986)

"Excess is folly." (Mon 8 Dec 1986)

"Safety is the fruit of moderation and balance." (Tue 6 Jan 1987)

"Severity must be tempered with mercy." (Tue 6 Jan 1987)

"Keep the door ever open for learning but embrace the new learning as a stranger, with caution, with good judgment, with great prudence." (Tue, 10 Mar 1987)

"Deceit wears many faces, some of which are innocence and purity, even righteousness." (Tue, 10 Mar 1987)

"All joy is bought with pain." (Sun 29 Mar 1987)

"That which bends in moments of stress will endure to stand straight again after the whirlwind has passed." (Mon 27 Apr 1987)

"Keep supple to bend thy boughs to let the wind of adversity blow through and only the weak fruit shall be lost, the brittle twigs fall, thus making room for new and stronger growth." (Mon 27 Apr 1987)