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Bishop's Opening

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White: Irwin Brooks
Black: John P. Pratt
Date: 7 Feb 1986
Location: Hill Air Force Base, Utah

I really like the Bishop's Opening. It gets the Bishop into action and protects the King Pawn with another pawn, but it is only moderately aggresive. It refers to white's game, but here you see I use the same idea for black.

1. e2-e4, e7-e5. 
2. Bf1-c4, Ng8-f6. 
3. d2-d3, Bf8-c5. This is the classic Bishop's Opening.
4. Ng1-f3, d7-d6. Black likes the Bishop's Opening concept also.
5. Nf3-g5, 0-0. Time to protect Black's king bishop pawn.
6. Nb1-c3, h7-h6. Black doesn't want to leave that knight there.
7. Ng5xf7, Rf8xf7. 
8. Bc4xf7, Kg8xf7. Black is happy to get rid of two powerful pieces.
9. 0-0, Bc8-g4. Now it's Black's turn to attack.
10. Qd1-e1, Nb8-d7. Black is preparing to replace his missing rook.
11. Nc3-e2, Qd8-e7. White tries to replace his precious King's knight.
12. h2-h3, Ra8-h8. Black will sacrifice the bishop to break up the castle.
13. h3xg4, Nf6xg4. Now black's knight is strong and opened up his Queen's path.
14. d3-d4, Qe7-h4! White regrets removing his King's knight from his castle.
15. Resigns Even Bc1-f4 cannot prevent eventual Qh4-h2 mate.