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Religious Chronology and Biblical Genealogy
A table of dates with links to source and a Biblical Pedigree Chart.
Notes from my former beginning Astronomy Class.
Articles, poetry and wisdom/prophecy
Over 115 of my articles. 25 are available in a book and all on CD-ROM.
Articles and conversion programs about calendars and chronology.
Atomic Number Memory Pegs
Use the atomic numbers as memory pegs to memorize lists of up to 100 items!
Puzzles and Optical Illusions
Some of my all time favorite puzzles and optical illusions.
Chess Games
Record chess games to replay on any web browser (examples of my favorite games included).
Mancala Games
Rules and examples of a few fun variations on the game of Mancala.
Who is Dr. John P. Pratt?
An astronomer specializing in ancient calendars.
The Book of Enoch, and The Book of Jasher
and the Extended Linked Bible.

You can e-mail me: jp at johnpratt dot com .