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"Enoch Calendar Dates for Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob" (22 Feb 2018).
The dates of sacred covenants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob show one use of the Enoch Calendar.

"Abraham and the Electric Universe" (14 Feb 2018).
The Book of Abraham states that the sun gets its light from other stars, similar to the scientific theory that it comes from an electric plasma stream in a spiral arm of our galaxy.

"Circle of Seven Pole Stars" (14 Feb 2018).
A circle of seven successive north pole stars is identified which take turns being the North Star over a 26,000 year cycle.

"Nebra Sky Disk Depicts Pleiades Rule" (27 Jul 2017).
This ancient enigmatic disk probably depicts the midnight culmination of the Pleiades for calendar leap months and festival celebration.

"The Priest Calendar Witness of History" (23 Jul 2017).
Many events of sacred history occurred on days related to the meanings of the names of the weeks on the Priest Calendar.

"Star Calendar: A House of Order" (25 Jun 2017).
All 364 stars of the Star Calendar have been identified and ordered to correspond to each day of the year.

"Star Calendar Star Catalog" (25 Jun 2017).
A free downloadable catalog of the stars in the Star Calendar is now available in standard spreadsheet format.

"T-Cross Constellation: It Is Finished" (30 May 2017).
Recent work on the Star Calendar led to the discovery that looking at the constellation of Triangulum as a crucifixion T-Cross completes the list of 48 sacred constellations.

"Restored Constellation Star Catalog" (30 May 2017).
A free downloadable catalog of the stars in the ancient original 48 constellations is now available in standard spreadsheet format.

"Zodiac Ages and Their Presidencies" (29 Apr 2017).
Precise dates are derived for the zodiac ages defined by the precession of the equinoxes, such as the Age of Aquarius beginning on Sun 20 Mar 1836. Presidencies over each age are proposed.

"Mix & Match Solar Power Modules" (14 Apr 2017).
Homemade solar power modules allow matching 24-volt to 12-volt components as well as switching from sunny to cloudy usage for off-grid small retreat cabins.

"Obeying God's Laws to Prepare for Zion" (8 Apr 2017).
Latter-day saints have been condemned for treating God's commandments lightly. Repenting and beginning to live those laws more fully might help prepare us for Zion.

"Recognizing the Unseen Hand of God" (18 Mar 2017).
God expects us to recognize His hand in all things. We can believe like a child, not dismiss miracles as due to chance, and recognize truth by the patterns He has given us.

"Religious Chronology Summary," (updated 28 Feb 2017).
A summary of nearly all historical dates published so far, on seven sacred calendars, with links to the articles which discuss those dates.

"God's Perpetual Hebrew Calendar" (28 Feb 2017).
The Perpetual Hebrew Calendar is a masterpiece of implementing the day-year pattern and now correctly indicates sacred event dates throughout history.

"Jesus Christ, Son of David" (15 Feb 2017).
Early Christians understood the genealogies of Christ by Matthew and Luke to be the biological and legal lines, showing how Christ was both the "Only Begotten" of the Father and yet also the "son of David".

"Seven Laws of Noah for All Mankind" (12 Dec 2016).
The Hebrew tradition that God gave Noah seven laws for all mankind is supported both by the Bible and ancient laws. A proposed restoration of those laws is presented.

"Clothed With the Sun, Moon Under Her Feet" (2 Nov 2016).
The prophecy of a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet may refer to rare celestial signs of the Feast of Trumpets in 2 BC, 1832, and 2017, which herald the future birth of her son.

"Joseph Smith: Like Unto Moses" (21 Oct 2016).
Joseph Smith fulfilled the prophecy Moses gave of a prophet like unto himself who should be heeded when he spoke the word of God.

"Sacred Calendars Support Christian Worship on Sunday" (18 Sep 2016).
The holiness of Sunday on many sacred calendars witnesses to it truly being the "Lord's day" on which Christians should worship and commemorate the Resurrection.

"Star Calendar Testifies of Christ and His Servants" (9 Jul 2016).
Evidence is presented that the Lord is using the Star Calendar described herein to testify of his faithful servants. The witness of the Prophet Joseph Smith is provided in detail.

"Capricornus: A Thorn in the Side" (25 Mar 2016).
The gospel significance of the constellation of the Sea Goat has been a thorny problem. Now the recent discovery of a thorn (spear) in its side verifies that it represents Christ being crucified because He had been mistaken for a goat rather than being the Lamb of God.

"This Easter is Unique in All of History" (1 Mar 2016).
Easter Sunday this year on 27 Mar 2016 is unique in history in symbolizing both the Savior's birth and resurrection.

"How Leap Years Testify of a Creator" (29 Feb 2016).
The precise length of our solar year testifies of the design of a super-intelligent Creator.

"The Scorpion Metes Out Justice With His Balance" (4 Feb 2016).
A restoration of the constellations of Scorpius and Libra is proposed in which the Scorpion holds the Balance.

"The Forgotten Left Stream of Aquarius" (9 Jan 2016).
Using the description of Aratus and star catalog of Ptolemy, four stars are restored to the left stream of Aquarius, leading to the discovery of profound symbolism.

"Seeking the Original Constellations" (24 Dec 2015).
A new list of 48 original constellations is proposed along with a table showing how they are associated with each other.

"The Ptolemy Star Catalog" (14 Dec 2015).
A downloadable translation of Greek astronomer Ptolemy's star catalog, with stars identified using modern designations, in standard spreadsheet format.

"The Mag 5 Star Catalog" (14 Dec 2015).
A new free star catalog in standard spreadsheet format which adds several features to the popular Yale Bright Star Catalog.

"Super Constellation Testifies of Unified Design" (10 Oct 2015).
A "super constellation" formed of seven 7-star constellations, all arranged in a kite pattern representing the Priesthood Pattern of Seven, testifies that the constellations were designed as a unified set.

"Enoch's Ten Week Prophecy" (24 May 2015).
The Book of Enoch contains a prophecy dividing the history of the world into ten "weeks". This article proposes that those weeks are based on the Enoch Calendar, suggests dates for each week, and interprets the prophecy.

"Almost All Saved" (11 Apr 2015).
A true story which serves as an allegory symbolizing Jesus Christ.

"Twelve Steps from Christ to Adam" (23 Dec 2014).
A precise chronology from Christ back to Adam is created in twelve steps, requiring only minimal knowledge of Biblical history and the Venus Calendar.

"Golden Plates' Life Cycle Testifies of Book of Mormon" (8 Dec 2014).
The Native American Sacred Round and Uniform Hebrew Calendar testify of seven steps of the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, symbolized as a life cycle of the golden plates from which it was translated.

"Uniform Hebrew Calendar Witnesses Sacred Events" (2 Dec 2014).
The Uniform Hebrew Calendar testifies of Adam, Christ and many key events of sacred history.

"Uniform Hebrew and Enoch Calendar Cooperation" (24 Nov 2014).
The newly discovered Uniform Hebrew Calendar was designed to work closely with the Uniform Enoch Calendar, staying synchronized with it indefinitely.

"Loaves, Fishes, and a Nephite Easter" (4 Oct 2014).
The Biblical account of Christ's miracle of feeding 5,000 with loaves and fishes parallels the Book of Mormon record of His miracle of producing bread and wine for the multitude. It is proposed that the dates of those two miracles were also very similar, both occurring at Easter time.

"Uniform Mars Calendar Adds Another Witness" (29 Sep 2014).
The Uniform Mars Calendar is another witness to the dates of many sacred events throughout history.

"Mars Testifies of Patriarchs and Priesthoods" Meridian Magazine (29 Sep 2014).
The Mars Calendar testifies of patriarchs, priesthoods, temples and of Jesus Christ.

"Stronger Uniform Venus Calendar Witness" (2 Sep 2014).
The new correlation of the Uniform Venus Calendar provides an even stronger witness of Adam, the prophets, and Jesus Christ.

"Uniform Mercury Calendar Testifies of Christ" (2 Sep 2014).
The Uniform Mercury Calendar testifies of important religious dates, especially of the prophets and Jesus Christ.

"Ten Sacred Calendars Testify of Christ" Meridian Magazine (19 Aug 2014).
Key religious events often occur on sacred calendar holy days, allowing precise dates to be deduced afterward. The life of Jesus Christ provides a compelling example.

"Celebrating Life on Twenty Holy Days" (18 Feb 2014).
All twenty of the day glyphs representing phases of life on the Sacred Round correspond to holy days on the Hebrew and Enoch calendars.

"The Virgin Mary's Birth and Death Dates" (6 Feb 2014).
Birth and death dates are proposed for the Virgin Mary, derived from Glastonbury traditions and confirmed by links to Christ, great women of the Bible, and even Adam.

"Uniform Enoch Calendar Witnesses Religious History" (22 May 2013).
The Uniform Enoch Calendar is simple, but provides a powerful witness of many holy events throughout history.

"Uniform Venus Calendar Testifies of God's Organization" (9 May 2013).
The Uniform Venus Calendar witnesses Jesus Christ, the seven chief angels, noble women, Hanukkah, and the restoration of the latter-day church.

"Venus Calendar Patterns Testify of Scriptures" (26 Apr 2013).
Patterns of multiple dates on the Venus Calendar provide compelling witnesses of many scriptural events throughout history, including the life of Christ, and many birth, death, and even ordination dates of Biblical patriarchs

"Zodiac Stars" (11 Mar 2013).
Listings of zodiac star names and designations, brightness and positions in sidereal coordinates with maps.

"The Wholesome Scale: a Perfect Musical Scale?" (21 Dec 2012).
The Wholesome Scale is a diatonic scale in the key of G tuned to A at 432 Hz, resulting in integer frequencies over the entire piano keyboard range.

"Easy-Tree Database" (24 Nov 2012).
The Easy-Tree Database (ETD) is designed for small databases, where only a few simple reports are needed. Many reports can be produced with one requesting program, much more easily than by using a relational database.

"Jubilee Witness" Meridian Magazine (17 Oct 2012).
The Prophet Jeremiah provides a powerful witness identifying 589 BC as a jubilee year.

"Parley and Paul" (5 Dec 2011).
The recent comparison of Parley P. Pratt to the Biblical apostle Paul has much merit.

"The Trecena Testifies of the Book of Mormon" (10 May 2011).
The Book of Mormon was apparently restored on a timetable governed by the trecena of the Sacred Round.

"The Creation and Birth of the Lord's Church" Meridian Magazine (8 Apr 2011).
The Lord's Church was restored according to eternal patterns and order. The detailed procedure was similar to the creation and birth of all life, testifying of its authenticity.

"Priesthood Pattern of Seven" (31 Mar 2011).
The Lord's Church was restored according to eternal patterns and order. The first seven members of the Church seem to fit the same Pattern of Seven as do the seven chief angels.

"The Prophetic Dream that Saved Martin Luther" Meridian Magazine (14 Jul 2010).
As the early reformer John Huss was about to be burned at the stake, he prophesied of Martin Luther. Both the date of that prophecy and of Luther's birth appear to be significant.

"Venus Testifies of Christ" Meridian Magazine (10 Feb 2010).
The evening and morning star has eight key orbital places, and each corresponds to one major event in the life of Jesus Christ.

"Fleeing the Comforts of Eden" Meridian Magazine (13 Jan 2010).
Many of us live today in more comfort than Adam had in the Garden of Eden. Do we have the sense to leave it voluntarily, or do we too have to be forced out?

"The Scapegoat Dilemma" Meridian Magazine (19 Jan 2009).
In the law of Moses, the scapegoat bore the burden of the sins of the people. Did the goat represent Christ or Satan?

"New Proposed Location for Solomon's Temple" Meridian Magazine (15 Aug 2008).
Newly discovered evidence indicates possible original location of Solomon's temple.

"Comet Holmes: "Once in a Lifetime"" Meridian Magazine (7 Nov 2007).
This week you can see an amazing, bright comet which baffles astronomers.

"The Hebrew Calendar Testifies of the Creator" Meridian Magazine (26 Oct 2007).
The precise lengths of the solar year and lunar month were apparently designed to fit the day-year pattern of the Hebrew calendar.

"Blindness Conditioning" Meridian Magazine (19 Apr 2007).
Have we been so conditioned to believe lies that we cannot see truth?

"How Can We Know Truth?" Meridian Magazine (1 Mar 2007).
Overwhelmed in this modern information explosion, how can we know the truth?

"Mormon's Map Puzzle Solved?" Meridian Magazine (12 Dec 2006).
A detailed map for the Book of Mormon has been produced by archaeologist Garth Norman which may solve a long-standing puzzle.

"Petroglyphs: Rock Art or Rock Writing?" Meridian Magazine (27 Nov 2006).
Native American tradition combined with scientific decoding methods indicate that "rock art" is really a sophisticated form of writing.

"Constellations Testify of Seven Angels" Meridian Magazine (28 Sep 2006).
Scripture, constellations and myth combine to tell the deeds of the seven chief angels in heaven, earth and the underworld.

"Enoch's Constellations Testify of Christ" Meridian Magazine (23 Aug 2006).
The 48 constellation figures from Enoch depict the gospel of Jesus Christ.

"Decision Days Ahead?," Meridian Magazine (21 Jun 2006).
Each of us needs to choose, as in the times of Moses and Elijah, whether we will serve false gods or the one true God.

"Joshua's Seventieth Jubilee," Meridian Magazine (18 May 2006).
Soon we can celebrate seventy jubilees since Joshua crossed the River Jordan.

"Education in Science and Religion" Meridian Magazine (26 Apr 2006).
Perhaps we should teach both what we know and what we don't know in all subjects, including science and religion.

"Science and the Light of Christ" Meridian Magazine (22 Mar 2006).
The sea of energy known in quantum physics sounds a lot like the Light of Christ, the very light we should follow.

"The Swiss Tournament" (11 Mar 2006).
The Swiss Tournament, popular in chess, could be fun for sports also.

"Bible Code Puzzle," (14 Feb 2006).
The first example of a new word puzzle I invented.

"The Rapid Ranker Tournament" (8 Feb 2006).
A new tournament that quickly ranks all contestants appears to be superior to the Double Elimination, and even rivals the classic Round Robin.

"Bible Codes: A New Approach" Meridian Magazine (25 Jan 2006).
Tarnished "Bible codes" may yet shine under new light.

"Science and Religion Q & A" Meridian Magazine (20 Dec 2005).
Does God have a place in science? How should science and religion interact?

"Has Satan Hijacked Science?" Meridian Magazine (16 Nov 2005).
Has Satan perverted the wonderful tool of science for his own purposes?

"Limhi, Alma, and Passover Patterns," Meridian Magazine (12 Oct 2005).
The Book of Mormon and sacred calendars provide keys to understand the patterns of the Biblical Exodus.

"A Volcanic Highway for the Lost Tribes?," Meridian Magazine (15 Sep 2005).
Israelites will return from the north on a highway cast up in the midst of the great deep.

"Twelve Sons, Twelve Stones," Meridian Magazine (3 Aug 2005).
The twelve stones in the breastplate of the ancient Hebrew high priest can now be identified, with the corresponding tribes of Israel.

"Twelve Sons, Twelve Constellations," Meridian Magazine (13 Jul 2005).
Relating the twelve tribes of Israel to the twelve zodiac constellations helps unravel the mystery of the Lord's sacred calendars.

"The Zodiac Testifies of Christ," published as "The Constellations Tell of Christ," Meridian Magazine (15 Jun 2005).
The zodiac constellation figures may symbolize the twelve key roles of Jesus Christ.

"Prairie Dog Language?" Meridian Magazine (19 May 2005).
Prairie dogs use a sophisticated vocabulary in their warning barks, which again raises the question of whether mankind alone communicates by audible language.

"The Rapid Ranker Tournament is Fun" (28 Apr 2005).
A new tournament that quickly ranks all contestants appears to be superior to the Double Elimination, and even rivals the classic Round Robin.

"Miraculous Printing of the Book of Mormon?" Meridian Magazine (14 Apr 2005).
Were miracles required to print the first edition of the Book of Mormon? This article reviews evidence from an "old-time" printer who claims exactly that.

"Petrified Wood: Days or Millions of Years?" Meridian Magazine (16 Mar 2005).
The recent scientific discovery of how to petrify wood in a few days has again raised the question of just how long the process takes in nature.

"Tsunami on the Feast of Trumpets" Not published inMeridian Magazine (12 Jan 2005).
Could the timing of the recent devastating tsunami imply that God is warning the world of coming judgments?

"Jubilee Calendar Testifies of Christ" Meridian Magazine (17 Nov 2004).
The Jubilee Calendar is proposed as a restoration of an ancient inspired version, with evidence that it is used by the Lord for many sacred events.

"Daniel's Prophecy Foretells Date of Crucifixion" Meridian Magazine (15 Sep 2004).
Sir Isaac Newton provided a key to understanding how Daniel prophesied the date of the Crucifixion to the very day.

"Sir Isaac Newton Interprets Daniel's Prophecies" Meridian Magazine (11 Aug 2004).
Sir Isaac Newton, the author of classical physics and a devout Christian, interpreted the Book of Daniel, providing insights which are still profound today.

"Lost Constellation Testifies of Christ" Meridian Magazine (14 Jul 2004).
Ancient Egyptians and Persians provide enough clues to restore a lost constellation, testifying of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ.

"Review of Gospel in the Stars" and "Answering Objections to Gospel in the Stars" (10 Jul 2004).
The theory that the constellations may have been designed to symbolize religious truths is reviewed and critiqued.

"The Planet Uranus Testifies of Christ" Meridian Magazine (18 Jun 2004).
The planet Uranus (Chronos) not only tracks the earth's millennia, but also testifies of precise dates for Adam and Jesus Christ.

"Synchronicity as a Sign" Meridian Magazine (12 May 2004).
Have you ever had an unusual event occur precisely at a meaningful time and wondered if it was an answer to prayer?

"The Planets Testify of the Creator" Meridian Magazine (14 Apr 2004).
The Book of Abraham claim about planetary "set times" leads to startling evidence for design by a Creator. Planetary periods, and even some intervals between conjunctions, are multiples of two sacred time units.

"Abraham's Three Truths of Astronomy" Meridian Magazine (9 Mar 2004).
Abraham's great vision on astronomy revealed the design of the heavens and can be summarized as three truths.

"The Nephite Calendar," Meridian Magazine (14 Jan 2004).
A precise Nephite calendar is proposed which provides exact dates from Lehi to Christ. The dates for King Benjamin's speech and for the angel's visit to Amulek witness that it may be correct.

"Is God Speaking in Natural Disasters?" Meridian Magazine (9 Dec 2003).
Anciently, people saw the hand of God everywhere in nature and even performed experiments to verify that he was causing natural disasters. Today many fail to recognize the hand of God anywhere. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere between these extremes.

"The Timing of David and Solomon's Reigns," Meridian Magazine (12 Nov 2003).
Sacred calendars provide precise dates for King David, his son Solomon, and the dedication of Solomon's temple, completing the chain of interlocking dates from Adam to Jesus, the son of David.

"Exodus Date Testifies of Christ," Meridian Magazine (7 Oct 2003).
The Exodus account includes detailed patterns which testify of its precise date and that Jesus Christ was the Messiah whom Moses typified.

"Divine Calendars Testify of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob," Meridian Magazine (11 Sep 2003).
Divine calendars indicate precise birth dates for Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Rebekah, and Jacob, as well as for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, resolving the long-standing question of whether or not Noah and Abraham were contemporaries.

"Sacred Calendars Q/A," Meridian Magazine (29 Aug 2003).
Question and Answers about the previous two articles.

"Astronomical Witnesses of the Great Flood," Meridian Magazine (13 Aug 2003).
A precise date for Noah's Deluge is indicated by sacred astronomical calendars and confirmed by witnesses of Enoch, his father Jared, and even the Savior.

"Venus and the Beginning of Mortality," Meridian Magazine (9 July 2003).
The Venus Calendar may provide a scientific method of precisely determining the chronology in the Book of Genesis, beginning with the expulsion from the Garden of Eden.

"Geological Evidence for the British Throne of David?" Meridian Magazine (2 June 2003).
Could the tradition that the British monarchy is the kingly line of David, crowned on the Stone of Jacob, be subjected to scientific scrutiny?

"Parallel Universes and Warning Revelations," Meridian Magazine (8 May 2003).
Modern physics may help explain visions warning of future disasters which could be prevented.

"Seven Sacred Calendars Testify of Christ," Meridian Magazine (9 Apr 2003).
The priest cycle appears to be a seventh sacred calendar which testifies of the exact holy days on which key events in the life of Christ occurred.

"Dead Sea Scrolls May Solve Mystery," Meridian Magazine (12 Mar 2003).
Using the moon to determine Qumran calendar dates in the Dead Sea Scrolls sheds light on the longstanding enigma of when the priestly temple courses served.

"Antioxidants and Isaiah," Meridian Magazine (11 Feb 2003).
Isaiah prophesied that in the Millennium men will live to be a century old and science is now finding that antioxidants may be the key to longevity.

"Network Marketing" (28 Jan 2003).
Network marketing is an excellent way to build a residual supplemental income.

"Science and Religion Turf Wars," Meridian Magazine (11 Dec 2002).
If science is restricted to studying the physical world, should religion be content to discuss only spiritual and moral issues?

"Hard-Wired for God?," Meridian Magazine (12 Nov 2002).
Brain scans taken during certain religious experiences indicate a detachment from the physical world. What are the implications?

"Oh, How Lovely Was the Morning: Sun 26 Mar 1820?," Meridian Magazine (9 Oct 2002).
Two researchers working independently have come up with evidence pointing toward a date for the First Vision. Detailed weather reports coupled with maple sugar production cycles point to the compelling possibility.

"Millennial Feast of Trumpets Program" (20 Sep 2002).
Summary of the Millennial Feast of Trumpets program held Fri 20 Sep 2002 in Orem, Utah.

"Seven Trumpets," Meridian Magazine (27 Aug 2002).
Research indicates that this is the year for the millennial Feast of Trumpets on the Enoch Calendar. What is the significance of that feast, and who are the angels who sound the seven trumpets?

"Enoch Calendar: Another Witness of the Restoration," Meridian Magazine (5 Aug 2002).
The Enoch Calendar is a second witness with the Hebrew Calendar that several key dates of the restoration of the LDS Church occurred on holy days.

"Celestial Witnesses of the Meridian of Time," Meridian Magazine (10 Jul 2002).
The year of the birth of Christ is clearly marked as the Meridian of Time both in the Enoch Calendar and also right in the lunar orbital data.

"From Martyrdom to Celebration!", Meridian Magazine (6 Jun 2002).
The significance of the Martyrdom date and Nauvoo temple dedication date on the Hebrew Calendar.

"What is Creation?", Meridian Magazine (6 Mar 2002).
A comparison of modern creation methods such as CAD/CAM to the scriptural creation.

"Protecting our Families with the Lord's Security Methods," Meridian Magazine (7 Feb 2002).
We can learn a lot about the Lord's security methods from the scriptures and from nature.

"How Did the Book of Jasher Know?", Meridian Magazine (7 Jan 2002).
The Book of Jasher contains detailed correct information about antediluvian patriarchs. How did the author know about them?

"The Lion and Unicorn Testify of Christ, Part II: The Four Royal Stars," Meridian Magazine (5 Dec 2001).
The four royal stars are the bright stars in the cornerstone constellations. The Book of Enoch explains that they represent faithful servants of Christ and we have enough information to identify them.

"The Lion and Unicorn Testify of Christ, Part I: The Cornerstone Constellations," Meridian Magazine (8 Nov 2001).
The four cornerstone constellations correspond to the four faces of the cherubim and the four principal tribes of Israel, and each testifies of Christ.

"The Constellations Testify of Christ," Meridian Magazine (9 Oct 2001).
The Book of Enoch claims that an angel revealed the constellations to the ancient Prophet Enoch, and that appears to be true because they testify of Jesus Christ."

"Enoch Calendar Testifies of Christ," Meridian Magazine (11 Sep 2001).
The Book of Enoch, a "lost book" of the Bible which has been found, describes a 364-day calendar on which key dates in the life of Christ appear to fall on "holy days."

"Celestial Witnesses of Christ Breaking the Bands of Death," Meridian Magazine (26 Apr 2001).
The morning stars Venus and Mercury appeared to cut one of the Bands of Death constellation while the slowest hand on the great clock in the sky cut the other.

"Coordinates for the Constellations" (25 April 2001).
The constellations have proven to be an enduring map, but have never had a coordinate system fit to them. Sidereal coordinates are proposed, measuring longitude along the ecliptic from the star Pi Vir. A Uniform Vernal Equinox is also defined.

"Venus Resurrection Easter Program" (15 April 2001).
Summary of the Venus Resurrection Easter program held Easter Sunday, 15 Apr 2001, at Thanksgiving Gardens, Lehi, Utah.

"A Native American Easter: How the Ancient American Calendar Testifies of Christ," Meridian Magazine (28 Mar 2001).
Introduction to the Sacred Round and how the key dates in the life of Christ are significant on the calendar, indicating that the Feathered Serpent of the Native Americans was indeed Jesus Christ.

"Venus Resurrects This Easter Sunday," Meridian Magazine (27 Feb 2001).
Introduction to the Venus Calendar, noting that the coming Easter Sunday, 15 Apr 2001, would have Venus "resurrecting" as a morning star as it did at the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

"The Sahara: An Act of God?," Meridian Magazine (22 Jan 2001).
The Sahara Desert used to be a fertile savanna during recorded history. Was it the Valley of Shum seen by Enoch in vision which would be cursed for the wickedness of its people?

"Strengths and Weaknesses of Science," Meridian Magazine (28 Dec 2000).
Science has some wonderful strengths like the scientific method, but it also has weaknesses of which we should be aware.

"The Star of Bethlehem's Forerunner," Meridian Magazine (28 Nov 2000).
The splendid Jupiter/Venus conjunction of Jun 2 B.C. was most likely the sign of the conception of Jesus Christ.

"Scientists and Belief in God," Meridian Magazine (25 Oct 2000).
There are as many scientists who believe in God today as there were a century ago.

"Jacob's Seventieth Descendant," Meridian Magazine (18 Aug 2000).

"The Attacker's Minimum" (17 Aug 2000).
A paper about the minimum fraction of attack shots necessary to win in table tennis.

"Hidden Treasures in the Scriptures ," Meridian Magazine (13 Jul 2000).

"What Fiery Flying Serpent Symbolized Christ?," Ronald P. Millett and John P. Pratt, Meridian Magazine (9 Jun 2000).
When Moses led the children of Israel through the desolate Sinai desert they had an experience with deadly venomous snakes that has become one of the most powerful types of Jesus Christ. But just what kind of serpent was it?

"What Every Mormon Should Know About Astronomy," Meridian Magazine (12 May 2000).
Including the Big Dipper, the Bright and Morning Star, and the Constellations. This is the full text of an earlier shortened version from 12 Feb 1999.

"April 6 Celebration of the Planets," Meridian Magazine (6 Apr 2000).
A conjunction of the Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon appear to celebrate the Savior's 2000th birthday.

"Lehi's 600-Year Prophecy of the Birth of Christ," Meridian Magazine (31 Mar 2000).
It is proposed the angel's prophecy that Christ would come 600 years after Lehi's departure was fulfilled to the very day.

"Worlds Without End," Meridian Magazine (17 Mar 2000).
Science news periodicals are now reporting strong new confirmation of the existence of planets around other suns.

"The Lord's Science in the New Millennium," Meridian Magazine (18 Feb 2000).
A comparison of predictions of scientists and prophets for the next 50 years.

"Astronomical Event of the Century," Meridian Magazine (14 Jan 2000).
Most astronomers agree that the impact of Comet Levy-Shumaker was the Astronomical Event of the last century.

"Mapping Time," American Matematical Monthly 106 (Jan 2000), pp. 92-99.
This book review of Mapping Time proposes a 5-star calendar rating system.

"Devouring Fire: Volcanoes and Scripture," Meridian Magazine (17 Dec 1999).
Volcanoes, plentiful in the U.S., may play a role in fulfilling latter-day prophecies.

"Spectacular Meteor Shower Might Repeat," Meridian Magazine (15 Oct 1999).
The annual meteor shower which caused the "Night the Stars Fell" recorded in L.D.S. Church History, has the potential of again being a splendid display before dawn on Nov. 18, 1999.

"Hebrew Calendar Testifies of Latter-day Events," Meridian Magazine (17 Sep 1999).
Some events of the restoration appear to have been timed according to the Hebrew calendar.

"Did God Write the Laws of Physics?," Meridian Magazine (16 Apr 1999).
A look at three scientific questions from the point of view of LDS scripture.

"Did the Fish Die in the Flood?," Meridian Magazine (26 Mar 1999).
Some scientific questions about religion have their answers right in the scriptures.

"What Every Mormon Should Know About Astronomy," Meridian Magazine (12 Feb, 1999).
Summary of some uses of astronomy in religion. Published in the first issue of Meridian Magazine. This first article was an excerpt. The full article was published on 12 May 2000.

"When Was Judah's 70-Year Babylonian Captivity," Ensign 28, No. 10 (Oct, 1998), pp. 64-65.
Jeremiah prophesied that the captivity of Israel in Babylon would last 70 years. Many commentaries state that the captivity only lasted less than 60 years. This articles suggests that if Jewish reckoning is used from the date of the first captives, that it lasted exactly 70 years.

"Millennial Science," in Charting a New Millennium, ed. Proctor, Maurine & Scot, (Salt Lake City: Aspen Books, 1998), pp. 367-85.

"Passover: Was it symbolic of His coming?" Ensign 24, 1 (Jan, 1994), pp 38-45.
It is widely believed among Christians that the Jewish Passover was symbolic of the death of Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 5:7). This is the first article that proposes that Passover also symbolized the birth of Jesus Christ.

"How did it come to be that our largely non-Christian world reckons years from the birth of Christ?" Ensign 23, 4 (April, 1993), p. 55.
This was a response to "I Have a Question."

"Book of Mormon Chronology," Encyclopedia of Mormonism, Daniel H. Ludlow, ed., (N.Y.: Macmillan, 1992), vol. 1, pp. 169-171.
An overview of Book of Mormon chronology in an encyclopedia designed for both LDS and non-LDS readers.

"Newton's Date for the Crucifixion," Quar. Journ. of R.A.S. 32, (Sept. 1991), 301-304.
This article reviews a hitherto almost unknown calculation by Sir Isaac Newton of the date of the Crucifixion of Christ. His work predates the first to rediscover the method in modern times by nearly two centuries.

" Yet Another Eclipse for Herod," The Planetarian, 19, No. 4 (Dec. 1990), pp 8-14.
Proposes that it was the lunar eclipse of Dec. 1 B.C. that occurred shortly before King Herod's death and that Christ was born at Passover of 1 B.C.

"A Library Numbering System,"
My personal library numbering scheme especially designed for small libraries (2 Apr 1987).

"Book of Mormon Reading Hints," Ensign 16, 6 (June 1986), p. 71.

"The Restoration of Priesthood Keys on Easter 1836, Part 2: Symbolism of Passover and of Elijah's Return," Ensign 15, No. 7 (July, 1985), pp. 55-64.
A summary of the reasons Passover was symbolic of the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ, followed by a discussion of the calendrical significance of the return of the Prophet Elijah to the Kirtland Temple on Easter Sunday, 3 April 1836.

"The Restoration of Priesthood Keys on Easter 1836, Part 1: Dating the First Easter," Ensign 15, No. 6 (June, 1985), pp. 59-68.
A summary of the evidence used to date the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and proposing that Sunday, 3 April A.D. 33 (Greg.) is the most likely date.

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"Genealogy from Adam to the Twelve Tribes," (Salt Lake City: HandKraft, 1968).
A comprehensive genealogy which includes non-Biblical sources which supply the genealogies of many of the wives of the patriarchs, including all of the twelve tribes.

"Parallels Between Hindu and Mormon Scripture," (30 Oct 1967)
A Comparison of the Upanishads (Hindu Scripture) to the Doctrine & Covenants (Mormon Scripture) written for an Honors World Religions class at the University of Utah.

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The following articles by other authors are tied to the work of John P. Pratt.

Millett, Ronald P., "A Year's Supply for Times of Liberty and Plenty," Meridian Magazine (8 Apr 2002).
A year's supply has been a part of the Lord's plan for provident living from the times of Moses. Protection from calamities is only an incidental feature.

Millett, Ronald P., "The Miracle of the Human Genome," Meridian Magazine (25 Aug 2000).
The human genome contains the programmed codes of life which may be surprisingly similar to modern computer programs.