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Center Game

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White: Bob Garn
Black: John P. Pratt
Date: 8 Mar 1977
Location: Hill Air Force Base, Utah

This game shows how the White queen is open to attack in the Center Game. In fact, White actually loses his queen which allows Black to end the game quickly.

1. e2-e4, e7-e5. 
2. d2-d4, e5xd4. 
3. Qd1xd4, Nb8-c6. The Center Game leaves White's queen open to attack.
4. Qd4-a4, d7-d6. 
5. Bf1-b5, Bc8-d7. So far this is standard Center game development.
6. Nb1-c3, a7-a6. 
7. Bb5-c4, Nc6-d4. White's queen doesn't have many places to flee (consider d6-d5).
8. Qa4-b4, Nd4xc2+. Whoops! White didn't see the three-pronged knight fork!
9. Ke1-d1, Nc2xb4. So White actually lost his ambitious queen.
10. Nc3-d5, Nb4xd5. Black is now content to trade, being a queen ahead.
11. Bc4xd5, c7-c6. Black decides to protect his Queen knight pawn.
12. Bd5-c4, Qd8-h4. Now Black can attack the exposed king side.
13. Ng1-f3, Qh4xf2. White forgets that his king bishop pawn is not guarded.
14. Nf3-g5, Qf2-d4+. Black failed to see Bd7-g4+ to win on the next move!
15. Bc1-d2, Qd4xc4. Black is snarfing up pieces, not looking for a quick win.
16. Ra1-c1, Bd7-g4+. Finally Black sees that his bishop can force a win!
17. Kd1-e1, Qc4-e2 mate. Black gets the win without even developing his king side.