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Diverting Attention

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White: John P. Pratt
Black: Dave Wolford
Date: 12 Jan 1977
Location: Hill Air Force Base, Utah

This game is an example of how attention can be diverted to get a surprise win. It shows how the Queen's Gambit opening can be very strong and dominate the center.

1. d2-d4, Ng8-f6. 
2. c2-c4, d7-d5. 
3. c4xd5, Nf6xd5. 
4. e2-e4, Nd5-b6. White has the center, with queen and bishops mobile.
5. Ng1-f3, h7-h5. Black's move baffled me. He has abandoned the center.
6. Nb1-c3, Bc8-g4. Perhaps that explains Black's last move.
7. h2-h3, Bg4xf3. White encourages Black to take the bishop.
8. Qd1xf3, Qd8xd4. Black hoped White would break up his future castle to save a pawn.
9. Bc1-e3, Qd4-f6. Note that all of White's pieces are developed.
10. Nc3-b5, Nb8-a6. Threatening and defending the knight from forking the rook.
11. Be3xb6, Qf6xf3. Black is intent on breaking up a non-existent castle.
12. g2xf3, a7xb6. Black's trade was for a purpose as you will see.
13. Ra1-d1, c7-c6. Now the knight and rook are thinking checkmate.
14. a2-a4, c6xb5. White pretends to defend with a pawn and holds his breath.
15. Bf1xb5 mate! Black's focus on the knight diverted attention from the bishop!