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Evans Gambit Accepted

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White: John P. Pratt
Black: Gary Owen
Date: 26 Jul 1976
Location: Hill Air Force Base, Utah

This game is another example of diverting attention in order to accomplish a surprise win!

1. e2-e4, e7-e5. 
2. Ng1-f3, Nb8-c6. 
3. Bf1-c4, Bf8-c5. 
4. b2-b4, Bc5xb4. 
5. c2-c3, Bb4-c5. 
6. d2-d4, e5xd4. 
7. c3xd4, Qd8-f6. Black tries a bold defense to the classic Evans Gambit position.
8. Bc1-g5, Qf6-g6. Black's premature queen development loses his bishop.
9. d4xc5, Ng8-e7. 
10. Nb1-c3, d7-d6. 
11. c5xd6, c7xd6. 
12. 0-0, Nc6-e5. Black's knight attacks both bishop and knight, empowering his queen.
13. Nf3xe5, Qg6xg5. Black doesn't want that bishop to take his knight.
14. Ne5xf7, Qg5-f6. Black did not see this queen-rook fork, but he has a good response.
15. e4-e5, d6xe5. Sacrificing a pawn looks like it is merely a way to win a rook.
16. Qd1-d8 mate. Finally Black sees the real reason for the pawn sacrifice!