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Greco's Trap

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White: John Bryner
Black: John P. Pratt
Date: 6 Jan 1986
Location: Hill Air Force Base, Utah

I began playing chess at work again after a 7-8 year hiatus. John Bryner is a better player and I don't believe I ever beat him. In this game I apparently fell perfectly into Greco's Trap, and played it for 18 moves perfectly, if I understand my notes correctly. I tried looking up the trap in 2014 and that name is now associated with the King's Bishop Opening. But Greco is famous for lots of traps, and this one worked on me.

1. e2-e4, e7-e5. 
2. Ng1-f3, Nb8-c6. 
3. Bf1-c4, Bf8-c5. 
4. c2-c3, Ng8-f6. 
5. d2-d4, e5xd4. 
6. c3xd4, Bc5-b4+. 
7. Nb1-c3, Nf6xe4. 
8. 0-0, Ne4xc3. 
9. b2xc3, Bb4xc3. 
10. Qd1-b3!, Bc3xa1?.I should have suspected something, but I took the bait!
11. Bc4xf7+, Ke8-f8. 
12. Bc1-g5, Nc6-e7. 
13. Nf3-e5, Ba1xd4. 
14. Bf7-g6, d7-d5. 
15. Qb3-f3+, Bc8-f5. 
16. Bg6xf5, Bd4xe5. 
17. Bf5-e6+, Be5-f6. 
18. Bg5xf6, Kf8-e8.White's move is the last one listed in my book on Greco's Trap. If 18 ... g7xf6; then 19. Qf3xf6+, Kf8-e8; 20. Qf6-f7 mate.
19. Bf6xg7, Qd8-d6. 
20. Qf3-f7+, Ke8-d8. 
21. Bg7xh8, Ne7-g6. 
22. Bh8-f6+, Ng6-e7. 
23. Qf7-f8 mate.