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Habit Causes Blindness

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White: John P. Pratt
Black: Lynn Taylor
Date: 4 Jan 1977
Location: Hill Air Force Base, Utah

This game was not going to be included because it contains a blunder. But then I realized that it is a blunder worth learning from because it was done from a conditioned response without looking carefully.

1. d2-d4, d7-d5. 
2. c2-c4, d5xc4. 
3. Nb1-c3, Bc8-f5. 
4. e2-e4, Bf5-g6. 
5. Bf1xc4, e7-e6.White has totally dominated the opening.
6. e4-e5, Bf8-b4. 
7. Ng1-f3, Bg6-h5. 
8. Qd1-d3, Bb4xc3+. 
9. b2xc3, Ng8-e7.Compare White and Black's development.
10. Bc1-a3, 0-0.Black castles for saftety, out of habit of course.
11. Nf3-g5, h7-h6??Black attacks the Knight out of habit to prevent a future problem, but it's too late!
12. Qd3-h7 mate