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Ignoring Defense

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White: Larry Scott
Black: John P. Pratt
Date: 8 Apr 1986
Location: Hill Air Force Base, Utah

1. e2-e4, e7-e5. 
2. Ng1-f3, Nb8-c6. 
3. Bf1-b5, Nc6-d4. 
4. Nf3xd4, e5xd4. 
5. d2-d3, c7-c5.Black's attempt to protect his advanced pawn block's his bishop.
6. Bb5-c4, Bf8-d6. 
7. Qd1-f3, Ng8-f6.Black prevents checkmate as he develops. The opening seems fairly even.
8. c2-c3, Bd6-b8.Black tries something new here.
9. O-O, Qd8-c7.Castling was just what Black hoped for. Now checkmate is threatened.
10. g2-g3, h7-h5.Black plans to get his king rook into this game. He has no intention of castling.
11. Bc1-g5, Qc7-e5.Black attacks the bishop while protecting the knight. Another option would have been Nf6-g4.
12. Bg5-f4, Qe5-e7.Black's queen is removed from action.
13. Bf4xb8, Ra8xb8. 
14. Nb1-d2, d7-d5. 
15. Bc4-b5+, Ke8-f8.Black does not wish to castle and does not want to risk trading a bishop.
16. Rf1-e1, Bc8-h3.Black ignores the coming attack on his queen in order to position his bishop into the broken white castle, then wanting to put his knight on g4.
17. e4xd5, Qe7-c7.How dare a trifling pawn harass a queen?
18. d5-d6, Qc7xd6.Black's queen is driven back, helpless to protect the knight. In retrospect, 18. ... Nf6xe4 looks better, even though scary.
19. Nd2-e4, Qd6-c7. 
20. Ne4xf6, g7xf6. 
21. Qf3xf6, Rh8-h7.That happened as Black expected, but that was as far as he could see ahead.
22. Re1-e4, Bh3-d7.Black cuts off his queen from protecting the castle as he tries to be rid of the pesky bishop.
23. Re4-e7!, Rb8-d8.White keeps Black's queen out of the picture!
24. Bb5-c4, resigns. Black cannot prevent checkmate without losing his queen. If 24. ... Qc7-d6; then 25. Re7xf7+ leading to mate; or 24. ... Kf8-g8; then 25. Bc4xf7+, Kf8-e8; 26. Bf7-e6 mate.