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Queen's Gambit

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White: John P. Pratt
Black: Dave Wolford
Date: 12 Jan 1977
Location: Hill Air Force Base, Utah

This game illustrates that you should always consider what the response might be to your move. Black actually encourages White to see a checkmate which was unplanned.

1. d2-d4, Nb8-c6. 
2. c2-c4, d7-d5.  
3. Nb1-c3, Ng8-f6. White should have taken the queen pawn but wanted to practice the opening.
4. Bc1-g5, d5xc4. These four moves for white are the most common in the Queen's gambit.
5. e2-e4, Qd8xd4. Now White can grab the entire center and attack the pawn with his bishop.
6. Ng1-f3, Qd4xd1+. White continues development, and Black sacrifices his queen needlessly.
7. Ra1xd1, Nc6-a5. Black attempts to protect his pawn.
8. b2-b4, Na5-c6. That pawn is almost impossible to protect.
9. Bf1xc4, Nc6xb4. Compare the development of both sides. Black only has his knights out.
10. 0-0, Bc8-d7. With his king safe, White is now ready to attack.
11. Nf3-e5, 0-0-0. Black castles right into a knight fork.
12. Ne5xf7, Bd7-a4. If White is going to get a rook, then Black wants one too.
13. Rd1xd8 mate. One needs to always think about the order of making trades.