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White: Gary Owen
Black: John P. Pratt
Date: 13 Jul 1976
Location: Hill Air Force Base, Utah

This game shows why one should not allow the enemy to dominate his castle, and includes a nice rook sacrifice, showing the power of one little pawn.

1. Ng1-f3, d7-d5. 
2. g2-g3, Bc8-g4. 
3. Bf1-g2, e7-e6. 
4. b2-b3, Ng8-f6.  
5. Bc1-b2, Bf8-c5.  
6. Nb1-c3, c7-c6. White's pieces are exactly where he wants them. This opening was new to Black.
7. e2-e3, Nf6-e4. Expecting 8. d2-d4, Black decides to reposition his knight.
8. d2-d3, Ne4-g5. Now Black's knight attacks White's important king's knight.
9. Nc3-e2, Bc5-b4+. White both protects his queen and attacks Black's king knight pawn.
10. c2-c3, Ng5xf3+. Black destroys the knight he was attacking.
11. Bg2xf3, Bg4xf3. Black also rejoices at getting White's fianchettoed bishop.
12. O-O, Bb4-d6. Black expected 12. c3xB4, Bf3xe2. 13. Qd1xe2, O-O. He gratefully retreats, ahead in material and dominating the castle!
13. Qd1-c2, h7-h5. Black's favorite attack is to destroy the castle with his rook pawn.
14. c3-c4, h5-h4. White attacks two pawns, but Black focuses on the kill.
15. Ne2-d4, Qd8-f6. White attacks the bishop, but it will be replaced with a queen!
16. Nd4xf3, Qf6xf3. White gives his castle to the Black queen to gain one little pawn.
17. Bb2xg7, h4-h3. And another little pawn shows it is more valuable that a rook!
18. resigns. White cannot prevent Qf3-g2 mate.