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Scotch Game

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White: Dave Wolford
Black: John P. Pratt
Date: 12 Aug 1976
Location: Hill Air Force Base, Utah

1. e2-e4, e7-e5. 
2. Ng1-f3, Nb8-c6. 
3. d2-d4, e5xd4.These first moves up to White's d2-d4 define the Scotch Game.
4. Nf3xd4, Qd8-h4.Black ignores normal development of knights and bishops and bring out his Big Power very early.
5. Nb1-c3, Bf8-b4.White chooses to ignore her by not returning his king knight to his post at f3, choosing instead to develop. Black is bent on attack.
6. Nd4-b5, Ng8-f6.White defends his knight and attacks c7 threatening a fork. Now Black is content to develop and see what White will do.
7. Nb5xc7, Ke8-d8. 
8. Nc7xa8, Nf6xe4.Black would rather have that king pawn and see the developed white knight run after an undeveloped piece.
9. Bc1-e3, Rh8-e8.Black is now threatening to take the knight Ne4xc3 with the white bishop pinned. White has been totally ignoring defense.
10. Bf1-e2, Ne4xc3.White tries to break the coming pin.
11. b2xc3, Bb4xc3. 
12. Be3-d2, Bc3xa1.Sure enough it all happened.
13. Qd1xa1, Qh4-e4.Suddenly Black is threatening checkmate.
14. Bd2-e3, Qe4xg2.Black thinks destroying a potential white castle is a good idea, while protecting her own king knight pawn.
15. Ke1-d2, Qg2-d5+.The black queen keeps up pressure while White forms a little castle in the middle of the board.
16. Be2-d3, b7-b6.Black threatens Bc8-a6.
17. Rh1-e1, Bc8-b7.White continues development, thinking of checkmate with Re1-e8. Black doesn't like it and decides to rid himself of the white knight.
18. Na8xb6, a7xb6.White is content the knight is gone, but he actually initiated his own downfall by not looking far enough ahead.
19. Be3xb6+, Kd8-c8.White loves the trade, coming out a pawn ahead, with checkmate in sight!
20. Re1xe8+, Nc6-d8.Black did not foresee the bishop check coming, a disaster!
21. Re8xd8 mate.A swift end. Both sides played very little defense in this game.