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Sicilian Wing Gambit Accepted

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White: John P. Pratt
Black: Elden Watson
Date: 29 Sep 1976
Location: Hill Air Force Base, Utah

After the opening, a variation of Morphy's Fried Liver attack exposes Black's king and eventually leads to his downfall.

1. e2-e4, c7-c5. 
2. b2-b4, c5xb4. White plans to ignore the gambit pawn, and Black plans to use it.
3. Bf1-c4, Ng8-f6. 
4. d2-d3, e7-e5. 
5. Ng1-f3, Nb8-c6. 
6. Bc1-b2, Qd8-a5. White now has exactly the position he wanted.
7. Nb1-d2, d7-d5.  
8. e4xd5, Nf6xd5. 
9. h2-h3, Nd5-c3. Black's ambitious king knight has ventured from his post.
10. Bc4xf7+, Ke8-e7. White plans Kxf7, 11. N-g5+ and then Q-f3. Black doesn't like it.
11. Bb2xc3, b4xc3.  
12. Nd2-c4, Qa5-c5. The gambit pawn flexes its muscle, and White drops back to plan B.
13. 0-0, Bc8-f5. Black still doesn't want the tainted bishop.
14. Nf3xe5, Nc6xe5. 
15. Nc4xe5, Ke7-f6. If the black queen takes the knight, she will be pinned by the rook.
16. d3-d4, Qc5-c7. The pawn saves both the knight and bishop, and attacks the queen!
17. Qd1-f3, g7-g6. White pins the bishop and Black's pawn attempts to minimize damage.
18. g2-g4, Ra8-d8. White attacks the helpless bishop and Black attacks that pesky pawn.
19. g4xf5, g6xf5. The deed is done.
20. Ra1-e1, Rd8xd4. White sacrifices his pawn and protects his knight with his rook.
21. Ne5-g4, Kf6xf7. White was willing to sacrifice the bishop long ago. Black is now ahead but his king is vulnerable.
22. Qf3xf5+, Kf7-g8. If K-g7, then 23. Q-f6+ looks worse.
23. Ng4-f6+, Kg8-g7. If K-f7, then 24. N-d5+ wins the queen.
24. Nf6-e8+, Kg7-h6. K-g8 looks worse, but it might have saved him.
25. Re1-e6 mate. An exposed king is really hard to protect.