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New Opening at Eighty

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White: John P. Pratt
Black: Johann F. Sehlmeier
Date: 4 Dec 1976
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

My only game with an 80-year-old neighbor who had trouble finding someone to play. He had never seen the Sicilian Wing Gambit before and was really excited to learn a new opening. Not an amazing game but one worth preserving. One of my only good end games.

1. e2-e4, c7-c5. 
2. b2-b4, c5xb4.Indeed Black should accept the gambit.
3. Bf1-c4, Nb8-c6. 
4. Ng1-f3, e7-e6. 
5. d2-d3, Qd8-f6.White should have fianchettoed his Bishop. Black attacks the unprotected Rook.
6. d3-d4, Qf6-g6. 
7. Nb1-d2, Qg6xg2.White sees the attack on his Knight Pawn and is content to open that file for his Rook.
8. Rh1-g1, Qg2-h3. 
9. Rg1-g3, Qh3-h5. 
10. d4-d5, Nc6-a5. 
11. Bc1-b2, f7-f6.Black frees up his King's Bishop.
12. a2-a3, Na5xc4. 
13. Nd2xc4, e6-e5. 
14. d5-d6, Qh5-f7. 
15. Qd1-d3, Qf7-e6. 
16. a3xb4, b7-b5. 
17. Nc4-a3, a7-a6.if ... Bf8xd6, then 18 Rg2xg7
18. c2-c4, b5xc4. 
19. Na3xc4, Ra8-b8. 
20. Bb2-a3, Rb8-b5. 
21. Ra1-c1, Bc8-b7. 
22. Nf3-h4, Ng8-h6. 
23. Nc4-a5, Bb7-a8. 
24. Rc1-c8+, Ke8-f7. 
25. Rc8xa8, Rh8-g8. 
26. Na5-c6!, Bf8xd6.With his Knight pawn protected, finally White gets that pesky pawn.
27. Nc6-d8+, Rg8xd8.White gets a Rook for a Knight and two pawns.
28. Ra8xd8, Bd6xb4+. 
29. Ba3xb4, Rb5xb4. 
30. Rd8xd7+, Kf7-e8. 
31. Rg3xg7, Ke8-f8.King's are powerful at close range.
32. Nh4-f5, Nh6xf5. 
33. e4xf5, Rb4-d4. 
34. f5xe6, Rd4xd3.White could push his King pawn, but he sees it later.
35. Rg7xh7, Kf8-g8.White wants to distance the Rook from the King.
36. Rh7-g7+, Kg8-f8. 
37. e6-e7+, Kf8-e8.Finally White sees he can sacrifice a Rook to promote that pawn.
38. Rg7-g8+, resignBlack can take the a Rook but not stop the pawn.