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Trades Attacking Queen

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White: John P. Pratt
Black: Paul Michelsen
Date: 7 Aug 1982
Location: Kaysville, Utah

My only game with a neighbor boy from the junior high school chess club. He had me pinned to the wall until he felt forced to trade away his queen in the middle of his attack. We were about the same level of play: he saw all of my trickiest traps and probably would have won if he hadn't traded off his queen. But it may have indeed been forced.

1. e2-e4, e7-e5. 
2. d2-d4, d7-d5. 
3. e4xd5, e5xd4. 
4. c2-c3, Ng8-f6. 
5. Bf1-c4, Nb8-d7. 
6. c3xd4, Nd7-b6. 
7. Qd1-b3, Bf8-d6. 
8. Ng1-f3, Bc8-g4. 
9. Bc4-b5, Ke8-f8. 
10. 0-0, a7-a5. 
11. Nb1-d2, a5-a4. 
12. Qb3-c2, Nb6xd5. 
13. Bb5-c4, Nd5-b4. 
14. Qc2-c3, Ra8-a5. 
15. b2-b3, Nf6-d7. 
16. Bc1-a3, Ra5-h5. 
17. Ba3xb4, c7-c5. 
18. Bb4xc5, Nd7xc5. 
19. d4xc5, Bd6xh2+. 
20. Nf3xh2, Qd8-h4.Black threatens checkmate.
21. Qc3-g3, Qh4xg3.White's defense includes a big threat of Qg3-b8+, Kf8-e7; Qb8-d6+, Ke7-e8; Ra1-e1+ ... etc. which looks pretty scary so Black trades queens. That is the turning point of the game. To me 21 ... Qh4-g5 looks better, but I haven't played it out; maybe he did the best move. Black's problem now is that his king's rook is undeveloped.
22. f2xg3, f7-f5.White likes the trade, it opens up his rook and bishop's attack on Black's king bishop pawn. White attempts to save both the pawn and the bishop.
23. Nh2xg4, Rh5-g5.Whoops, that black pawn is pinned.
24. Ra1-e1, h7-h5.If Black had taken the rook, he would have lost on the next move!
25. Nd2-e4, Rg5xg4. 
26. Rf1xf5+, Kf8-e7. 
27. Rf5-f7+, Ke7-d8. 
28. Re1-d1+, Kd8-c8. 
29. Ne4-d6+, Kc8-b8. 
30. Rf7xb7+, Kb8-a8. 
31. Bc4-d5, h5-h4. 
32. Nd6-b5, Rh8-c8. 
33. Rb7-a7+, Ka8-b8. 
34. Ra7-a8 mate.