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Two Minute Game

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White: Alan Higgs
Black: John P.Pratt
Date: 1 Jan 1979
Layton, Utah

This was a quick game between rounds at a church tournament with a fellow I had just played. Usually I'm terrible at quick games, but this one went surprisingly well and fast. It only took two minutes total.

1. c2-c4, e7-e5.Black had never seen that opening.
2. e2-e4, Nb8-c6. 
3. Ng1-f3, Nc6-d4.Black decides to be different too.
4. g2-g3, Qd8-f6. 
5. Bf1-g2, b7-b6. 
6. 0-0, Bc8-b7.Suddenly it looks like a standard game.
7. Qd1-e1, Nd4xf3+.Black can resist anything but temptation (like forking a queen!).
8. Bg2xf3, Qf6xf3.In this fast game Black doesn't really have a plan, but this looks good.
9. Qe1-e3, Bb7xe4.Suddenly a plan for Black has developed!
10. Nb1-c3, Qf3-g2 mate.White thinks that Black's move was only to protect the queen. If White had seen the threat he would have traded queens.