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Pratt Gambit Declined

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White: John P. Pratt
Black: David N. Pierce
Date: 13 May 1976
Location: Palo Alto, California

This is an opening which I designed in order to get the advantages of the Danish Gambit, by only sacrificing one pawn as in the Evans Gambit, rather than two. It starts out like the Evans, but instead of advancing pawns, its purpose is to quickly finachetto the queen bishop and also grab the center. It is designed for a strong kingside attack, but in this game it works for queenside as well.

1. e2-e4, e7-e5. 
2. Ng1-f3, Nb8-c6. 
3. Bf1-c4, Bf8-c5. 
4. b2-b4, Bc5-b6. So far it looks like the Evans Gambit. Both should usually be accepted.
5. Bc1-b2, d7-d6. Instead of c2-c3 as in Evans, White fianchettos the bishop.
6. d2-d4, Qd8-e7. White wants the center and to clear the way for his bishop.
7. d4xe5, Nc6xe5. Black doesn't want a new king pawn attacked, so he takes with the knight.
8. Bc4-b3, Bc8-g4. White has Bb2xg7 to win a rook but wants to focus on development.
9. Nb1-d2, Ng8-f6. White's queen knight is now doing duty.
10. Qd1-e2, 0-0-0. Black sees the bishops pointing kingside so he castles queenside.
11. 0-0, Ne5xf3. Black sees a combination to win White's king pawn.
12. Nd2xf3, Nf6xe4. 
13. Bb3-d5, f7-f5. White regroups to attack the queenside castle.
14. a2-a4, a7-a6. White loves to march pawns down to destroy castles.
15. a4-a5, Bb6-a7. The Black bishop saw it coming, and retreats to help guard the castle.
16. b4-b5, a6xb5. So the declined gambit pawn now does some damage.
17. a5-a6, b7xa6. White defers Qe2xb5 until the pawns are cleared away.
18. Ra1xa6, Kc8-b8. The King protects his bishop, but steps into the line of fire.
19. Qe2xb5+, Kb8-c8. Black's king is forced away, and losing the bishop spells doom.
20. Ra6xa7, resign. Black cannot prevent Ra7-a8 mate.