Atomic Number Memory Pegs: 21-40

©John P. Pratt, all rights reserved
Icons drawn by David R. Pratt
16 September 1997

Using these Atomic Number Memory Pegs is described in the explanation They are also arranged in the shape of a periodic table.

21. Scandal Page (Scandium Sc). One should be 21 years old to read the scandal page of the newspaper.

22. Titanic (Titanium Ti). The Titanic had 2200 passengers when it hit an iceberg and sank.

23. Chev Van (Vanadium V). 23-passenger van made with vanadium steel.

24. Chrome-plated Creamer (Chromium Cr). 24-oz. pitcher of cream

25. Autumn Mangos (Manganese Mn). 25 of them,

26. Ferris Wheel (Iron Fe). 26-seats and made of iron. Sounds like "ferrous," which refers to iron.

27. Cobblestone (Cobalt Co). It is a 3" cube, so it has a volume of 27 cubic inches.

28. Nickel (Nickel Ni). In 1928, the year before the Great Depression, people had more money (a nickel) than in the next year ('29). The U.S. coin called a "nickel" used to be made of nickel.

29. Copper Penny (Copper Cu). The Currency during the Great Depression which began in'29.

30. Brazen and zinc sink (Zinc Zn). Made of galvanized iron (iron coated with zinc), with $30 brass (brazen means brass) faucet. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Sink sounds like zinc.

31. Galleon (Gallium Ga). The old Spanish galleons had three masts, each of which looked like a "1," to remind us of 31.

32. German beer. (Germanium Ge) A quart stein (32 fl. oz.) of German beer. Germanium was named for Germany.

33. A skull & crossbones (Arsenic As). Rat poison is arsenic trioxide, commonly called simply "arsenic." In other forms, such as is found in apples, arsenic is nutritious. Arsenic has three natural varieties: black, gray and yellow, as shown by the three colors in the icon.

34. Sensitive solar cell leaning (Selenium Se). Leaning at a 34° angle off vertical. Sounds like selenium. Solar cells often contain selenium.

35. Broom (Bromine Br). 35 Bristles (seven rows of five). In the periodic table, note that all the elements in this column are cleaners.

36. Krypton Yardstick. (Krypton Kr). One yard is 36 inches. Kryton gas is used to define the scientific unit of length, the meter, which is about a yard long.

37. Superb ruby (Rubidium Rb). red ruby, 37-carat.

38. Israeli Strongbox (Strontium Sr). Bright red because the red in most fireworks is from strontium. It weighs 38 pounds.

39. A Tree (Yttrium Y). Y-shaped, with a "39" carved in it. Sounds like yttrium.

40. Ezra's Zircon Ring (Zirconium Zr). Only cost $40.

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