Atomic Number Memory Pegs: 41-60

©John P. Pratt, all rights reserved
Icons drawn by David R. Pratt
16 September 1997

Using these Atomic Number Memory Pegs is described in the explanation They are also arranged in the shape of a periodic table.

41. Unbearable Onion (Niobium Nb). "For one" person only. Sounds like Niobium and like "4,1". In Greek mythology, Niobe wept for the loss of her children, like an onion makes you weep.

42. Molly's Denims (Molybdenum Mo). 42" waist. Sounds like Molybdenum.

43. Dutch Technician (Technetium Tc). 43-years-old. Technetium was made synthetically; it is not stable enough to be found in nature.

44. Ruth's hen (Ruthenium Ru). It's feet look like 44 and "Ruth's hen" sounds like Ruthenium. It is also by the wren and ostrich in the periodic table.

45. Road in Rhode Island. (Rhodium Rh). Speed Limit 45 m.p.h.

46. Top dog Palace (Palladium Pd). The sultan has 46 wives in its 46 towers, which look like 46.

47. Agnes's Silver Dime (Silver Ag). '47 was A Good year after WW II. (Silver is "argentum" in Latin).

48. CD Caddy (Cadmium Cd) The caddy holds 4 dozen (48) CD's.

49. India Ink (Indium In). 49 cent bottle.

50. Tin Can (Tin Sn). Contains 50 Snails. Tin cans are made of steel sometimes covered with a thin layer of tin.

51. Ant money. (Antimony Sb). Taking small bills ($5 and $1) to its passbook account.

52. Deck of 52 Cards (Tellurium Te). "Tell your" fortune. (Sounds like Tellurium)

53. Iodine (Iodine I). Bottle costs 53 cents.

54. Zenith television, watching "Xena" (Xenon Xe). On channel 54; a TV tube contains xenon gas.

55. Cesium Standard Clock (Cesium Cs). A physics clock. It reads 5:05; time to go home.

56. Bad Berries (Barium Ba). Poisonous. About 5/6 of all white berries are poisonous (really). Black are usually edible.

57. Lantern (Lanthanum La). 57 candle-power.

58. Cereal bowl (Cerium Ce). Has 58 nutrients.

59. Praying mantis (Praseodymium Pr). Eats 59 bugs.

60. No Dim Lights (Neodymium Nd). Triangular sign has 60° angles. Bright lights can blind.

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