Atomic Number Memory Pegs: 61-80

©John P. Pratt, all rights reserved
Artwork by David R. Pratt
16 September 1997

Using these Atomic Number Memory Pegs is described in the explanation They are also arranged in the shape of a periodic table.

61. Prominent fire (Promethium Pm). Fire is needed after 6:10 p.m. Promethius brought fire to mankind. The flames look like 61.

62. Small samurai sword (Samarium Sm). 62 generations of use.

63. European rope (63 feet long). (Europium Eu).

64. Magdalene's Cattle (Gadolinium Gd). "Cattle" sounds like "gadol"inium. Checkerboard pattern (a checkerboard has 8x8 = 64 squares).

65. Bright blue turban (Terbium Tb). 65" long.

66. Dandy disposal (Dysprosium Dy). Disposes garbage in 6.6 seconds.

67. Home (Holmium Ho). This home has room for 6 or 7 children.

68. Herb (Erbium Er). The stems and leaves form a hidden 68 in the picture.

69. Christmas Tulip (Thulium Tm). Red and green for Christmas. 69 kinds.

70. Ladybug Litterbag. (Ytterbium Yb). A litterbag (small portable trash bag), which sounds like Ytterium, with a ladybug picture on it with 70 spots. Litterbags were popular in the '70s.

71. Lute (Lutetium Lu). 7 Strings on 1 Lute (71).

72. Faithful Half Dollar. (Hafnium Hf). 72 is half a gross (of 144). Also, there are 72 ounces of silver in $100 of silver halves (or quarters or dimes). The ones dated 1964 or earlier are silver.

73. Tan Tall Man (Tantalum Ta). He is 7' 3" tall basketball player.

74. Westinghouse light bulb (Tungsten W). 74 Watt, with tungsten filament. Another name for tungsten is Wolfram, which explains the abbreviation.

75. Wren (Rhenium Re). Visualize 75 of them on a telephone line.

76. Ostrich (Osmium Os). 7'6" Tall. Also, its neck & head look like a 7 and its body like a 6.

77. Iridescent Rainbow (Iridium Ir). 7 Colors in a rainbow (77). Iris was the Greek goddess of the rainbow.

78. Platinum Record (Platinum Pt). The old kind that rotated at a speed of 78 rpm. Recorded by "The Egyptians." A platinum recording sold more copies than a gold, and platinum is worth more than gold.

79. Gold Coin (Gold Au). A '79 A.U. (Almost Uncirculated.) The latin word for gold is aurum.

80. High-grade Thermometer (Mercury Hg). Showing 80 degrees.

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